Investment Consultancy


The desire to grow money is a natural instinct. But as simple as the desire is, the process to do so is just as complex. We believe that growing and protecting your wealth is an art. Just as art is the culmination of talent and experience in an artist, so also growing money depends on the natural instinct and experience of a financial master.
Our financial masters use their combined talents and experience to build up your portfolio of investments and bring out the best in it.
The decision on asset allocation will be crucial in determining investment returns over the long term. An asset allocation plan is tailor-made for you, after a detailed check on your investment goals, savings pattern and appetite for risk. You can expect assistance on when you should be investing more money into equities and when you should be bailing out. We may also switch a portion of your portfolio into cash, if he perceives a big risk to stock prices. However, the focus is on preserving value.

The various investment options available are:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Investments in Equity Markets
  • RBI Bonds
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Small Savings Schemes
  • NRI Investments